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Monitoring field campaign

Project information


Within the project a lack of respective monitoring data was identified as a major shortcoming in development of the programme of measures and consequently the RBMPs.

In order to facilitate the progress of the project and to ensure the development of a sustainable programme of measures, a team of international experts was contracted for support to Croatian experts in the preparation, implementation and analysis of results of the first WFD compliant biological monitoring programme of surface water in Croatia.

The support of international experts was organized as one week on-site training (field trip) of sampling methods and data assessment for all biological quality elements for experts from HV and from Faculty of Science-Department of Biology.

Considering the differences in sampling and assessment of different biological parameters, the training was divided into 5 groups according to the organisms investigated:

  1. fish group,
  2. phytoplankton group,
  3. diatoms/phytobenthos group,
  4. macroinvertebrates group,
  5. macrophytes group. (to see the expert list and contacts please clik here)

The field trip

The week from 4th until 9th of May 2009 has been chosen for the monitoring field trip. Although the sampling time was not optimal for all biological quality elements, it was chosen in order to increase the period of analysis and assessment.

Although it was foreseen to do sampling of macroinvertebrates, macrophytes, phytobenthos and diatoms at about 13, and  for fish at about 10 sampling sites, only 9 stations could have been sampled due to high water level of Sava, Drava and Danube.

The stations as well as the route for the field trip are shown on the picture and in the table below. (clik to enlarge)

The remaining stations were covered by the Croatian experts alone after the joint sampling campaign. 

The results

The preliminary results of biological monitoring, based on the expert judgment were presented on the last day of the field trip, and they can be found in the presentation Monitoring Field Trip: First results.

furthermore, after all the sites of surveilance monitoirng have been sampled and assessed, an additional workshop was held were the results from all the sites were discussed and compared. 

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